Advanced Ultrasound Technology

Advantages of ZST+ core platform

Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam forming to channel data based processing, ZST+ is able to deliver multiple imaging advances: Advanced Acoustic Acquisition, Dynamic Pixel Focusing, Sound Speed Compensation, Advanced Image Processing and Total Recall Imaging.


Advanced Acoustic Acquisition

By transmitting and receiving a relatively smaller number of larger zones,  Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than a conventional line-by-line beamform method.


Dynamic Pixel Focusing

Dynamic Pixel Focusing technology allows Resona 7 to achieve extreme uniformity at the pixel level throughout the entire field of view. There is no need to adjust the focal position to achieve uniformity across the patient exams.

Sound Speed Compensation

Resona 7 is able to intelligently choose the optimal sound speed by retrospectively analysing complete channel data stored in memory.  This dramatically improves image accuracy even with tissue variation.

Sound speed comparison.jpg

Enhanced Channel Data Processing

Channel data based ZST+ provides enhanced channel data processing for greatly improved image clarity.  By multiple and retrospective channel data processing, it makes the best use of acoustic information for image improvement.  

HD Scope: higher definition image with ROI

HD scope.jpg

Total Recall Imaging

ZST+ captures and stores the complete acoustic raw data.  The enables the system to retrospectively process data and permits users to modify imaging parameters on all stored images to maximize clinical output.

Advanced Features

V Flow

V Flow (Vector Flow) uses colour coded vector arrows to indicate the velocity and and direction of the red blood cells.  It does this by tracking the acoustic speckle produced by microstreams of red blood cells. With ultra-high frame rates, it produces an accurate visualisation of complex vascular hemodynamic states .  


UWN+ Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Ultra-Wideband Non-linear plus (UWN+)  CEUS uses harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals to generate enhanced images with greater sensitivity of minor signals and longer duration of perfusion in tissue and organ examination.


Sound Touch Elastography (STE)

Sound Touch Elastography integrates Mindray's exclusive Ultra-wide Beam Tracking technology to provide real time 2D shear wave elastography.

The integrated measurement tool enables comprehensive quantitate analysis of tissue stiffness and improves diagnostic confidence.

STE of liver fibrosis.jpg

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