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Riding The Waves of Vascular Ultrasound - Mindray Ultrasound Vascular Symposium 2021

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Mindray Vascular Symposium was once again a huge success. Co- convened by Virginia Makeham and Julie Bradbury and attended by 100 Sonographers and doctors from around Australia.

The exceptional quality of the presentations again made for a great day of learning and discussion. There were 20 presentations overall and the day kicked off with Dr Rob Gill's presentation on Synthetic aperture imaging. This was followed by an interesting talk by Dr Timothy Shiraev, on the management of Critical Limb Ischaemia. The other presentations through the day included Iatrogenic false aneurisms, Pedal Acceleration Technique (PAT), a rare presentation, bilateral vertebral artery stents, Axillary Web Syndrome, Phelgmasia Cerulea Dolens to name a few.

Please follow the link to review some of the Presentations from this day: View Here

Look out for the next Mindray Vascular Symposium Feb/March 2022 and any upcoming webinar throughout the year.


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